Research papers on retail marketing in india

Sales force must be aware of the objective of the display and the retailer must share the same. R Educational Society Smt. From a sales process engineering perspective, marketing is "a set of processes that are interconnected and interdependent with other functions" of a business aimed at achieving customer interest and satisfaction.

Their first of its kind interactive algorithm framework involving Dynamic pricing, Optimization, NLP, and Game theory helps place hundreds of millions of digital ads across devices every day. We test our predictions by using a proprietary, longitudinal panel dataset of leading family firms from India and find support for most of our theoretical predictions.

As a management consultant, she is currently on a mission to build analytics culture at Public Sector Banks, and educate the budding data science community in India.

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Competitive intelligence information related to competitor prices, marketing activities, new entrants and emerging alternatives will impact consumer response and therefore need to be introduced in the model as well.

Consumer familiarity that runs from generation to generation is one big advantage for the traditional retailing sector.

A Managerial Approach which outlined the ingredients in the mix as the memorable 4 Ps, namely product, price, place and promotion. Marketing mix As a mnemonic for 'product', 'price', 'place' and 'promotion', the four Ps are often referred to as the marketing mix or the marketing program, [33] represent the basic tools which marketers can use to bring their products or services to market.

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These self-service stores stock a wide range of groceries, snacks, processed foods, confectionery items, and cleaning and personal care products. Credit scores are used in deciding whether to grant credit to a consumer applying for credit, how much credit to grant and at what interest rate.

The state-of-the-art facilities of the School include adequate number of air conditioned classrooms, laboratories, conference hall, reading rooms and round the clock library with journals, e-resources, multilingual news papers, divergent magazines and around books.

Above all displays must be eye catching. These inter-institutional logics help reconcile the tensions that often arise in the family firms during strategic decision-making. Rural households in India form about 72 percent of the total households- a huge market.

We show that the resulting optimal operational policy has the same price and horizon dependent threshold structure that characterizes the known optimal policy when markets are complete or financial distress costs are small.

This affects growth and expansion plans. More successful in cities in the south and west of India. Its main area of business consists of apparel and accessories.

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Sunil Kumar, Treasurer, G. Senior executives in retail marketing are beginning to embrace advanced decision sciences as a potential competitive advantage and differentiator in the marketplace.

Rajesh Shetty, Department Manager of Chembur outlet provided valuable information about the organization. Conclusion- The word retail is derived from the French word retailer, means to cut off a piece or to break bulk.

Pradeep Gulipalli Pradeep co-founded Tiger Analytics — an advanced analytics firm that builds data science solutions for businesses. All these factors form the basis for organized retailing. The talk comprises some basic principles of swarm intelligence, and demonstrates how they are applied to develop intelligent algorithms, particularly, PSO and SMO.

R Educational Society Er. We cover various initiatives such as data collection, visualization and information dissemination and applications of algorithmic data analysis techniques for decision support. Given the size, and the geographical, cultural and socio-economic diversity of India, there is no role model for Indian suppliers and retailers to adapt or expand in the Indian context.

GreenBook, The Guide for Buyers of Marketing Research.

Applications of analytics in consumer financial services The primary application of analytics in consumer financial services relates to credit risk scoring. This is mostly due to the proximity to homes and personal service of local stores.

Usually, for high computational needs, traditional algorithms become infeasible. On the other hand, organized sector have big expenses to meet and yet have to keep prices low enough to compete with the traditional sector.

Tuhin is a prolific researcher and has authored research-based books. The study includes growth of retail sector in India, strategies, strength and opportunities of retail stores, retail format in India, recent trends, and opportunities and challenges.

Recently, he proposed a fission-fusion social structure based optimization algorithm, Spider Monkey Optimization SMOwhich is being applied to various problems from engineering domain. Yet, at the core of it, we look for that one significant consideration- what is the contribution to the industry and ecosystem in the country.

Finance may oppose the required capital expenditure, since it could undermine a healthy cash flow for the organization.

Inter-departmental conflicts may occur, should a firm adhere to the marketing orientation. S K Niranjan, Prof. The paper should not contain page numbers or any special headers or footers.

Keynote 2 Dr B.India is ranked first in the Global Retail Development Indexbacked by rising middle class and rapidly growing consumer spending; India’s retail market witnessed investments worth US$ million by Private Equity (PE) firms and wealth funds in The India Retail Industry is gradually inching its way towards becoming the next boom industry.”Paper Presented on Retail industries trends in India By Dr.

M. Dhankabham lecturer in Commerce, Department of Commerce, Rajastan University.4/4(7). International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 3, Issue 3, March 1 ISSN Study on Growth of Retail Market in India with Special. 1. To understand the evolution of retail sector in India 2.

To study the popular retail formats 3. To study the emerging retail trends in India 4.

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To study the growth trends of Indian retail sector 5. To study the factors having impact on growth of organized retail sector 6.

To study the future prospects of organized retail sector in India. sources, this paper makes an assessment of the extent of innovativeness and responsiveness retail sector for marketing fashion. In the concluding section, limitations of the study have been discussed and recommendations provided for undertaking more detailed investigations in the area.

Marketing Research Firms in United States of America results are displayed in randomized alpha order, starting with "M", after featured listings.

Research papers on retail marketing in india
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